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What is Reichian Therapy?

Reichian Therapy is a non-verbal "breathing" therapy. Whereas "talk" is a great way to avoid what you're feeling, there is no way to avoid your feelings while lying there breathing in a Reichian Therapy session. Over time, chronically stiff and hard muscles that are blocking sensation and energy flow will soften. Eventually, the rage we hold in our muscles will surface, giving way to more feelings of pleasure, freeing blocked energy and sexual dysfunction.

We spend an enormous part of our energy holding back basic needs and feelings which we've learned were not OK. An effective way to free these blocked energies, release anger and reawaken to your natural vitality and pleasure is through the breathing, movement and sounds of Reichian sessions.

For over 25 years, Michele Terry Newmark has been helping people come alive to their sexuality and joy of life with Reichian Therapy. Learn more about Michelle on her PRACTITIONER page.

"Knowledge, work, and natural love are the sources of our life. They should also govern it."

"The severity of every form of illness is directly related to the severity of the genital disturbance. The prospects of cure and the success of the cure are directly dependent upon the possibility of establishing the capacity for full genital gratification." —Wilhelm Reich, "The Function of the Orgasm"

For more information about the work of Wilhelm Reich, see,, and

Client Testimonials

"Reliving my son's birth, clearing anger, understanding my feelings more deeply....this work is powerful, healing, enlightening....a blessing to my life."

— Tera, graphics designer & mother, Santa Rosa

"I found this work profoundly moving and revitalizing."

— Michael, Ph.D. Psychology, Sacramento

"Removing walls and layers of protection around my heart enabled me to love more freely, to feel more fully, and to live my life passionately and joyfully."

— Barbara, workshop leader & mother, Petaluma

"I finally found my orgasm too!"

— Bob, wholesale produce & father, Santa Rosa

Dr. Andrew Weill comments on the importance of breathwork.



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