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Shelley Tsao, MT-BC
Operations Consultant



Shelley is a dynamic and accomplished strategic operations leader with over 18 years of experience in operational management, leadership, and human services. Known for her exceptional problem-solving abilities and strategic thinking, Shelley has a proven track record of optimizing processes, driving strategic initiatives, and building community. Shelley's background in music therapy has shaped her as a mission-driven professional, enabling her to create supportive environments that prioritize holistic well-being and operational excellence.

She holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy from Berklee College of Music and became a Board-Certified Music Therapist in 2007. Her clinical experience includes working with seniors in skilled nursing and memory care settings, children with special needs facing complex challenges in school settings, pediatric hospice, and psychiatric hospitals.

Shelley has extensive experience in the senior living industry, serving in various roles at non-profit retirement communities, including programs manager, director of resident services, and interim executive director. She managed and coordinated care plans for residents, supervised and trained caregivers and support staff, and designed and implemented resident programs promoting engagement, wellness, and community involvement. Her operational management skills ensured smooth and effective resident services across departments, maintained continuity during transitions, and fostered strong relationships with residents and their families. She led in achieving an international accreditation, facilitated the opening of a memory care unit, and championed culture change initiatives. 

Balancing her professional aspirations with motherhood since 2014, Shelley, along with her husband Ian, co-founded Bay Area Music Therapy and the Center for Healing and Expression. With Ian as the visionary and Shelley as the integrator, she developed and implemented standard operating procedures across all operational areas to support the company’s mission and goals. Shelley managed a multidisciplinary team of therapists, optimized client onboarding processes, and coordinated service delivery to ensure client satisfaction and retention. Her initiatives included developing new therapy programs and supporting the professional development of students, volunteers, and interns through mentorship and training.

Shelley continues to drive excellence and achieve organizational goals across diverse industries. Whether creating an educational/consulting platform for end-of-life topics or supporting the launch of a membership community for real estate investors, Shelley utilizes her strategic and operational expertise to enhance community engagement and streamline organizational processes.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Shelley enjoys playing her cello, homesteading, reading, traveling, camping, and actively fostering a strong community with her family and friends, including her 10-year-old son, 5-year-old daughter, two dogs, two fish, and nine chickens.

Shelley aspires to leverage her experience across various industries to provide strategic direction and drive organizational excellence. Her goal is to significantly impact growth by innovating and transforming organizational processes. She is committed to leading initiatives that increase efficiency, enhance collaboration, promote an empowering culture, foster continuous improvement, and deliver exceptional client experiences. With a passion for excellence and advocacy in human services, Shelley provides holistic support for people and organizations navigating change.

Shelley Tsao Music Therapist Geriatric Care Consultant Death Doula

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Shelley Tsao Music Therapist Geriatric Care Consultant Death Doula
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