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In Memory of
Sasha Wilkerson
1976 - 2023

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Sasha was born on May 7, 1976 in Los Angeles, California. She lived there with her “Gateway” Home School community until the age of eleven when she moved to Santa Rosa, CA with her mother and brother, along with many members of her chosen family. She attended Slater Middle School and graduated from Montgomery High School, making countless lifelong friends. 


Sasha earned her bachelor’s degree, along with two teaching credentials and a master’s degree in Special Education from San Francisco State University, emphasizing physical and health impairments, and graduating magna cum laude in 2010. Sasha was passionately committed to teaching and empowering children with special needs, and spent several years teaching at the well known Bridge School in Hillsborough, CA.  She continued her teaching career in Singapore where she taught special needs students at an international elementary school. Most recently, she was in pursuit of becoming a Cranial Sacral Practitioner, while teaching English to adults and children at a language school. 

Sasha will always be remembered for her radical authenticity, the strength with which she loved,and her ability to speak openly on any and all things. Sasha fought hard with love for others, for what truly mattered to her, and ultimately for her own life, which she never for a minute took for granted. Throughout her 47 years, she never stopped “living her life like it’s golden.”

Sasha’s spirit is now reunited with her mother Michele Terry Newmark and other dear loved ones, she is winged and flies free.

In Memory of
Philip Curcuruto
19xx - 1995

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Philip Curcuruto - Doctor of Chiropractic and pioneer in the field of Reichian Therapy for 60 years, being the first to integrate the philosophy and therapy of Wilhelm Reich with the Science of Chiropractic. 


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